Imagine your home meeting for a moment…would you like more people to attend? Would you like a more diverse group? I think we all would! Here are a few steps to make it happen….

Step #1 – Remember equality. This means every member pays the same. Everyone has the same opportunities. Everyone must invite. Yes, everyone – you and me.

Step #2 – Be a giver. Share your networking opportunity with others. Invite, invite, invite. Others will see what you see. If you are investing in building your network, don’t you think others will want to build theirs?

Step #3 – Think of BNF as a party. Everyone likes to be invited to parties. Not everyone goes. Those that do, some enjoy themselves, others want to go home. It’s okay. Everyone still likes to be invited to parties. Invite, invite, invite.

Step #4 – Take personal responsibility. You are the CEO of your network. You can actually get PAID to build your network with BNF! If you only show up, people begin to think you are a taker, but when you bring guests, people think you are a contributor! Your actions speak louder than your words will ever say.

Step #5 – Join a Home Team! Think of your home meeting as a championship – caliber team. Everyone, there is hoping for a championship ring. The actual championship team moves from hoping to working for a ring. While getting a ring feels good, the fulfillment comes from actually contributing to earning the ring. Home Team members are like the starting line-up. They show up, they produce, bringing guests, connecting people, sharing enthusiasm and helping the leader. They do not expect the leader to do everything. After all, the leader is like the head coach. The leader is committed to winning, giving his/her all, sharing their insights and advice, but the leader doesn’t get to touch the ball. Start taking the shots – invite, invite, invite.

Now imagine you’re in the starting line-up. You have a committed, working home team, all inviting and participating. You can almost feel the championship ring on your finger!