Business Networking Formula (BNF) prides itself on networking the right way and is designed to work as a coaching community to help everyone from beginners exploring networking opportunities and trying to figure out the pros and cons, to highly seasoned professionals that have spent years and countless hours bouncing from networking group to networking group without achieving their desired results.

While these questions may not answer every question, they generally provide enough information to help you decide whether you want to attend a meeting as our guest and to decide if you want to invest $1 in your own professional future. We hope you’ll make the right choice for you and that you’ll join our ever growing community.

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that will give you some quick answers to common questions. You can also click on the help button in the lower right-hand corner to get assistance with any additional questions you may have.

What is the Business Networking Formula (BNF)?

The Business Networking Formula (BNF) assists you in developing partnerships you know, like, and trust; teaches you how to collaborate with industry specific partners who introduce you to people, products, and processes that cause you to generate massive value. We do this two different ways:

1. We host weekly business networking meetings giving you endless opportunities to meet new partners and develop profitable relationships. New Meetings are founded by members and ran by members.

2. We offer online training and hands-on coaching. We developed a program called the “The Partnership Path,” a 9-step proven system which guides you through collaborating with hand-selected partners to produce massive value. You can learn online or seek help at a meeting from a Certified Networking Coach.

The membership includes:

  • Unlimited Meeting Access to Any and All Meetings
  • The Online Training Center; Videos, Scripts, Templates, etc
  • 3 Complementary “Business Networking” Coaching Session.
  • An Online Business Profile within the Member’s Directory
  • Access to our PRIVATE Facebook Group called “BMF Members!”
  • Earn Free Membership and More!

We back up our memberships with a 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy, just let us know within your first 30 days, and we’ll issue you a prompt, and full refund, no questions asked. However, no refunds offered after 30 days. The Membership is $30 month-to-month, if you join today using this form before you leave, your 1st month is only $1.

What is a Power Connector?

Think about all of the people you know. Each one is a part of your social network. Now imagine your network as a jigsaw puzzle. Each person is a piece of the puzzle. Each one has different likes and dislikes strengths and weaknesses. Each one is shaped a little differently than the rest.

At BNF we teach members to master putting together a network jigsaw puzzle. Members learn which members of their network are best fitted for other members in their network. They discover which pieces go together, how to connect them, and how to do it quickly. They know the best way to keep from losing a puzzle piece is to have it connected to another piece of the puzzle. Power Connectors not only have a large network of people they know, but the people in their network know them!

What is the difference between a social network and a business network?

Once you become a Power Connector, there is very little difference in the two. Until then, there is a big difference. Everyone must start with a social network. (Individuals that try to start by building a business network are those that bounce from networking event to networking event struggling and learning everything the hard way.) Social networks are made up of friends and family, people that you know, like and trust. This is the foundation of the Partnership Path.

When you think about it, when all things are equal, you like to do business with people you like. When things aren’t equal, you still like to do business with people you like. Where do you find people you like? In your social network.

As you continue to help, expand and stay connected to your social network, you become a magnet for opportunities and connections that lead to your business network.

What is the Partnership Path?

In a nutshell, the Partnership Path is the way to develop long-term business relationships. While the Path is taught and reviewed each year (over a nine-week period), it is based on networking studies over a decade proving that the best way to build those long-term business relationships is you have to get to know, like, and trust someone before you can build an alliance, where you are passing referrals back and forth between alliance partners.

What is a Coaching Community?

At BNF the founder and leaders focus on helping members and guests to learn (and often times, re-learn) how to network the correct way. Members are afforded access to training videos that teach the Partnership Path. There is training on how to lead meetings; how to become a greeter; why you should be on a Home Team; and more.

What is the correct way to network?

Since there are trainings and on-going coaching in the BNF community, it would take too much to try and explain it during a Q&A session. I can tell you that going to networking events, trying to collect as many business cards as you can, attempting to get a customer or a referral, or trying to recruit people into your business is NOT the correct way to network. Too often sales managers will tell their subordinates to “go through the numbers. You have to go through the no(s) to get to the yes(s).” This leads to unnecessary frustration on the employees and the attendees at the networking event(s).

What is a Home Team?

Being on a Home Team is a difference maker. You see, at BNF members can attend any and all the meeting locations. While this is an added advantage, it can also prevent a member from reaching their ultimate goal of building a large “working” network of people. In order to build a network of people that “works” for you, you need to establish consistency with a select group of people. We recommend that each member selects one location as their “home” and become a member of the “Home Team.” This means you commit to showing up consistently, on a weekly basis, inviting guests and learning all aspects of the team, which includes greeting people coming in, checking in guests, helping the leader to set up and breakdown the room. You will learn how to lead the group so you can step in when the leader is out. Being a member of a Home Team will help prepare you to possibly find your own location and run your own meeting. In addition to committing to a Home Team, we encourage you to visit other locations and continue to grow and expand your network.

You mention guests and members. What is the difference?

Everyone is invited to attend one meeting as a guest for free. At the end of the initial visit, each guest is provided an opportunity to join the BNF community as a member. The monthly membership is $30 per month. At this time, a guest can get the first month’s membership for $1. The first month is fully guaranteed! If you are unhappy for any reason, you can get your dollar refunded. After 30 days, your membership will automatically renew month-to-month. You can terminate your membership at anytime.

Is there any way I can get free membership?

This is a great question. Every member has the opportunity to earn free membership as well as earn some return on their monthly investment. The key to remember is that you are the CEO of your network. At BNF you can get paid to grow your own network.

How do members get paid?

Each time one of your guests join BNF, the first time they pay their regular monthly dues of $30, you get paid $15. In addition to that, each month your guest remains a paying member, you’ll receive $2 per month. When your guests invite someone to join and they begin paying their regular monthly dues, you’ll earn $4 commission on their paying members. BNF takes it one step further and if their guests join, you’ll earn $8 commission on their regular monthly dues. There is no limit to the number of people you can invite, that join, that you can get paid on! While you won’t be able to quit your day job, we have members that are able to take the family out to dinner, cover their business cards, and other expenses. As you grow your network, your monthly check can grow too.

How many meeting locations does BNF have?

BNF is constantly growing and adding locations. BNF began in January 2016 with three locations. In less than 18 months, BNF now hosts meetings dozens of locations around the east, south bay and beyond. We have locations in Fairfield and as far south as Salinas. We are preparing to launch a meeting in Stockton and a member is relocating to Utah and will be launching 3 locations before the end of fall. You can find all of the meeting locations on our website at businessnetworkingformula.com/calendar

Does BNF limit the number of same professions at any one location?

BNF does not limit the types of professions at any location. While there can be multiple realtors, insurance agents, business coaches, etc., once a location has filled an opening on the Home Team with a specific industry partner, they will not actively recruit and invite people from those industries. Guests from those industries are still welcome to attend. At BNF, we believe the relationship building takes precedence over business. If you look at professional sports teams, the players will be opponents on the field and court, yet remain friends before and after the games. You never know when you might join forces with someone on the opposing team. Besides, sometimes having someone in the same industry to share successes and struggles with can be comforting and enlightening.

Besides multiple locations, are there other perks to being a BNF member?

Absolutely! Each member receives his/her own profile page on the BNF website. We have a Facebook page that members can ask for recommendations and receive referrals on. There are regular postings offering encouragement. There are training videos and so much more. BNF also has a monthly Mini-Lotto drawing, where one member will win $100. Members receive an entry into the drawing every time they check in at a meeting; every time they send out an invitation to a guest to attend a meeting (using the online link) – whether the guest shows up or not; and members receive an entry every time they help guests sign in at a meeting.